Big Button

A horrid blond Prez from Manhattan Who bragged that he had a big button Would plant his fat ass In the rottenest grass And did not care what dogshit he sat in! Please follow and like us:0

Gold-Colored Satin

A cheater who lived in Manhattan Had sheets made of gold-colored satin. Against that old saying That countermands straying, He ate in the same place he shat in! Please follow and like us:0

Trumpty Dumpty

Trumpty Dumpty wanted a Wall To keep out the immigrants, pretty much all. All of his hatred, and strokes of his pen, Couldn’t assemble our country again! Please follow and like us:0

A Dictator from Venezuela

A dictator from Venezuela Who was part of the problems that ail ya, Was as bad as could be, But he wasn’t D.T., He was not quite as horrid a failure! Please follow and like us:0

A “Strongman”

The Philippines chose them a strongman. They sold themselves straight to the hangman. For all of his slump, He wasn’t a Trump, He wasn’t as clearly the wrong man! Please follow and like us:0

The Weed

In biting the hand that could feed, And crushing the people in need, His terrible blight is a plague on our sight, This horrible Trump is a weed! Please follow and like us:0

Appeals Courts

Trump’s showing his usual gall In dodging appeals courts’ call, In this case, and the face Of this orange disgrace, There’s nothing appealing at all! Please follow and like us:0

Salman Putin High Five

This fellow Mohammed Bin Salman And Putin cause lots of embalmin’, “Leave no foe alive” Says their hearty high five, Trump’s love for them’s not at all calming! Please follow and like us:0

Mueller’s Fine Web

His hair is like candyfloss cotton, His business and politics rotten, But Mueller’s fine web, Be it Dec, Jan, or Feb, Is surely a trap he’ll be caught in! Please follow and like us:0