Michael Cohen and Gomer Pyle

He did crimes for D. Trump for awhile, Did everything short of defile, But now that Mike Cohen The whistle is blowin’, He looks just a bit like G. Pyle! #MichaelCohen Please follow and like us:0

One Turbulent Ride

While old Trump tries to brush them aside, Cohen’s facts may hurt more than Trump’s pride! Just shut up and grin, And strap yourself in, We are in for one turbulent ride! #MichaelCohen Please follow and like us:0

Climate Change

The climate is rapidly changing With weather and temps rearranging, Though Trump may deny, He does nothing but lie. The whole of the world he’s estranging! (The cartoon translates as, “Believe me! If we had only known, …”)  Please follow and like us:0

In the Pocket of Petroleum

To the national security net, Does climate change pose any threat? Trump claims he’ll find out, So he wants to give clout To some jerk whose ideas are all wet! #climatedenier https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tULDE_gYmuc Please follow and like us:0

The One Percent

What does our economy do? Flushes most of us right down the loo! At some risk to our health, It just channels the wealth To the hands of a minuscule few! #onepercent  Please follow and like us:0

Jussie Smollett

An actor said thugs used a noose ‘Round his neck, but some screws must be loose! To lie in this way Just isn’t okay. His head must be up his caboose! #JussieSmollett (Written by Susan Slakey.) Please follow and like us:0

Our Nation As Factory

I’m afraid that this nation of ours, With all of its skyscraper towers, Where the wealth of the many Goes to just hardly any, Is a fact’ry, producing Matt Lauers! Please follow and like us:0

Evil Clown

I was recently asked to “lay off.” But Trump’s Kool-Aid I never will quaff! So ‘til this evil clown Has left Government Town, I will never say I’ve done enough! #TrumpOut Please follow and like us:0

Fragile Creatures

What hurts butterflies more than a pin? That Trump worsens the fix they are in! Odd: They have matching features: They’re both fragile creatures With bright-colored paper-thin skin! https://preview.tinyurl.com/y29bavgz #butterflysanctuary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGlRKiGMAfo Please follow and like us:0

Fork Short a Tine

The White House’s Comm Chief, Bill Shine, Has a wife who’s a fork short a tine! She says childhood diseases, Such as chickenpox and measles, Stop cancer, and keep your health fine! https://preview.tinyurl.com/y2pmml4y #vaccineswork Please follow and like us:0