Father’s Day Wishes #fathersday

For his pep talks when I was a lad, And stern fairness when I had been bad, And his patience with sass, I will now raise a glass To the peerless Tom Slakey, my Dad! (He is Tom Slakey Senior; I am Junior.) Please follow and like us:0

The Bully-In-Chief

They say don’t kick a soul when they’re down, But that’s just when this Trump goes to town! As wounded farm hens Get pecked dead by their friends, So Don Trump holds the bullying crown! #bully #bullying #trumpsucks Please follow and like us:0

Evel Knievel #Resist

Evel Knievel’s grandstandin’ Had him jumping the Snake River Canyon, I wish evil old Trump Would attempt the same jump, And horribly mess up the landin’! (The picture is actually of Robbie Maddison jumping the Corinth Canal.) Please follow and like us:0

Covfefe #TrumpLies #LyinKing

Trump woke up and tweeted “covfefe,” Then, covering up in a jiffy, It was code, he then claimed, So he wouldn’t be blamed. I believe it smells just a bit iffy! Please follow and like us:0

The Lyin’ King #LyinKing

Don Trump, ka tinye fo, be se? I sigi, n’ b’a fo i ye. Nin a ye “Pinocchio”, A nun be ta Tokyo, Tasuma be a bo kosebe! Bambara translation of: Is Trump really that big a liar? Well, let me explain just how dire: If he were Pinocchio, His nose would reach Tokyo, And…

The World’s Least Popular Host #Resist

Trump loves just to brag and to boast, He’s the world’s least popular host, ‘Cause he makes his guests puke! He befriends David Duke, Who likes to dress up like a ghost! Please follow and like us:0

Those White Tennis Shorts #Trumpass #Girther

Trump’s government’s one big kerfuffle! In the white tennis shorts he looks awful! His ass is so grand That it ought to be banned, But then much that he does is unlawful! Please follow and like us:0

Marilyn and Donald #Resist

Marilyn and Donald are blonds, But there the relationship ends. From daylight to dawn, She turned her friends on, While he treacherously turns on his friends! Please follow and like us:0

President Fart

To the Brits, “Trump” means “fart,” so it’s clear, When you’re speaking of stinky hot air, If a nickname you seek For this nose-rotting reek, Well then how about “President Fart”? #PresidentFart   Please follow and like us:0


“Dastardly” I have been speaking For malicious and cowardly sneaking. The noun form of “dastard” I hadn’t yet mastered, But Trump gives the chance I was seeking! #Resist Please follow and like us:0