We all wonder: Does Trump wear a wig? His ego’s amazingly big! From treating women harshly To grabbing their parsley, He’s quite the male chauvinist pig! @EverydaySexism #Resist

Trump Versus The Environment

Of Nature’s events, there’s a list: Fires, hurricanes, tornados persist. Each national park Trump tries to make dark. Climate change, he says doesn’t exist! #climatechange #climatedenial

Mississippi Flooding

If Trump thinks that this country’s so great, Then why does he fill it with hate? With his ass in charge Of this foundering barge, The floodwaters will not abate! #flood #Mississippi #flooding

The Best Bid Of All

In Bridge and in Whist, there’s a bump If you’re grasping the concept of trump. You bid for the suit, And for that one you root, But the best bid of all is NO TRUMP! #NoTrump

Trump Hates California

For Cali, Trump puts on the brakes. He cancels Fed funding for quakes! The terrible fires From high winds and wires Are not a disaster he rates! #california #wildfire #californiawildfires

Trump Solution to Healthcare and Budget

A problem: The elderly boomer. Trump found a solution’s the rumor! For Social Security, And fiscal maturity, Kill healthcare so poor folks die sooner! #HealthCare #SaveAffordableCare

Inigo Montoya

Inigo Montoya had a plan, To fight evil the best that he can. If he lived today, His nemesis would be Count Donald, the Small-Fingered Man! #inigomontoya

Trump the Spoiled Brat

A mammothrept is what? An immature, spoiled brat! It makes me think Of ties striped pink And a certain blond fat cat! #TrumpTantrum

Game of Thrones is Over

The Game of Thrones epic’s now done, No moments of boredom, not one! Its battles are o’er, However, the war Of opinions has now just begun! #gameofthrones #got