Kamala Harris

And then we have Kamala Harris, Who’s pretty darned hard to embarrass.  She’s firm in what’s right  As it shows to her sight,  If a star, she is steadfast Polaris! #kamalaharris 

Elizabeth Warren

Of course, there’s Elizabeth Warren, Whose notions are not at all foreign! Her 2-cent-a-buck tax On the wealthiest backs Is a policy not at all borin’! #elizabethwarren

Joe Biden

And then there’s Vice President Biden, Now where has this fellow been hidin’? He’s an average Joe, Wasn’t sure he should go, So for long he his time has been bidin’! #joebiden

Bernie Sanders

Now first, there’s the great Bernie Sanders, Who’s fiery, thus not like Ned Flanders! He says, “Tax the Rich!” He’d make Trump his bitch, And get rid of those damned gerrymanders! #berniesanders @berniesanders

Jabba the Trump

Pelosi says, “Do not impeach,” Despite the fact Trump’s such a leech! But others say, “No, He really must go, ‘Cause decency’s out of his reach!” #Resist

Nixon vs. Trump

R. Nixon was cocksure and thick, He burgled his way up a crick! He lied and he swore ‘Til we got real sore, Trump’s not Nixon, but he’s still a Dick! #Resist

Donald McRonald

Well-intentioned was President Ronald, The opposite President Donald! He gets worse and worse, We’re under a curse, He’s as clownish as Ronald McDonald! #Resist #trumpclown

The Jury’s Out

Who cares if Trump’s acting demure? There’s no way his motives are pure! Did Donald collude? Well, the jury’s out, dude, But he tried to, and hard, that’s for sure! #Resist

Watergate Clown

To collude and obstruct, Trump tried hard, But his efforts were every way marred! If this clown had a fling At the Watergate thing He’d have never got past the front yard! #Resist

A Flag-Hugging Phony

A Prez who hugged flags that were furled Set out to destroy the known world! Did we like his dumb shit? No, not one little bit! We felt so disgusted we hurled! #Resist