Not the Prettiest

Now Trump as a man’s not the prettiest, And this limerick isn’t the wittiest, If a color were he, Which one would he be? Well, orange: He’s made it the shittiest! Please follow and like us:0

A Hard Place and a Rock

The Donald is in for a shock. (That man with a head like a block.) The moron is clearly, Both daily and yearly, Between a hard place and a rock! Please follow and like us:0

A Wall Around Trump

Trump’s handlers knew he couldn’t call To mind something complex at all, And so to retain A place in his brain, They thought up the chant “Build That Wall”! #TrumpWall Please follow and like us:0

Coast Guard

With the Shutdown, Trump’s favorite boast, Illegal drugs entered the most! Every other armed force Got its paychecks, of course, Not the Guardians of the Coast! Please follow and like us:0

Stone Wikileaks Hillary Dirt

Who was it told Stone, “Be alert For some Wikileaks Hillary dirt”? The highest of all In the Trump campaign, y’all, It’s the liar-in-chief who’ll be hurt! Please follow and like us:0


Little Trump Horner Sat in a corner Backed into it by his campaign, But pleasing his base Drove him to disgrace, And at last overbalanced his brain! In the end, although dumb, He pulled out his thumb, And signed for one very tough Jane! Please follow and like us:0


Trump’s shutdown’s a global disgrace. No prob, if he’s pleasing his base! Some hardworking gnomes Can be losing their homes, Just as long as he doesn’t lose face! #Shutdown Please follow and like us:0

Worried About Drugs?

Trump claims to be worried ‘bout drugs, It bothers him, really, it bugs, Yet most of drug sorts Come through legalized ports, And not via borders and thugs! #TrumpWall Please follow and like us:0

The Wall works in San Antonio?

Donald Trump, that Geography prof., Says “The Wall,” (and at this point we cough), “…Works in Old San Antone!” In that thought, he’s alone: It’s a hundred and fifty miles off! #TrumpWall Please follow and like us:0

Martin Luther King Day

On MLK memory day, Trump went, his respects to pay, His heart wasn’t in it, Stayed hardly a minute, All he said: “It’s a beautiful day!” Please follow and like us:0