Future Hell

To Trump, Kim, and Putin as well, One thing is a very tough sell, That for what they’ve done wrong, And it won’t be that long, They will die and be going to Hell! #TrumpOut

Herding Cats

Trump’s groupies are totally bats! To control them is like herding cats! Shooting guns, sending tweets, Racist marches, bad feats, They have drunk his crazed Kool-Aid from vats! #TrumpOut

Ban Bump Stocks!

Bump stocks: Did Trump do something right? No way! Took two years and a night! Said the strong NRA, “Could a ban be the way?” Only then could Trump think that it might! #TrumpOut

Dik Trom

Trump wants us to see him as cool, So why is he playing the fool? From the way he won’t stop To his yellowy mop, Horse’s ass, with the head of a mule! (The image is a statue of Dik Trom, an oversized clueless blond kid in Dutch children’s books—Trumplike!) #TrumpOut

Where Do We Go From Here?

I had hopes for the Mueller Report: We all felt a need to exhort The guy to do well, But instead we’re in Hell, As for answers, it sure comes up short! #TrumpOut

Gators in Drains

Of what is objectively true, Trump hasn’t the ghost of a clue! I’ve seen better brains On gators in drains, Maybe Trump should be put in a zoo! #TrumpOut

Limerick Translated to French

By request from Warren Phillips, I’m posting my translation of a limerick. First, here’s the limerick in English, then a translation to rhymed and rhythmic French, and then a google translation of that back to English to check meaning. 1. Limerick:Is Trump really that big a liar? Well, let me explain just how dire: If…

The Narcissus-In-Chief and the Incomprehensible Conways

The Conways I can’t comprehend! Kellyanne feels she has to defend The Narcissus-in-chief, While her husband gives grief To that same crazy Trump without end! (https://twitter.com/RollingStone/status/900887792150093824)

A Small-Handed Fake

As president, Trump should be mild, Instead, he’s incredibly wild! An awful mistake, He’s a small-handed fake, With the mind of a three-year-old child! #TrumpOut

This Cooker Has Seen Trump!

Trump horrifies us at the root. His actions are usually moot, And this cooker, while cooking, If we judge how it’s looking, Has apparently SEEN the galoot! #TrumpOut