What defines Trump?

So what then defines Trump’s endeavor, If it’s not that there’s no one less clever? He’s of space the worst waste With the crappiest taste Of anyone, anywhere, ever! #Resist (image is by DonkeyHotey)

Trump Lost More 1985-1994 Than Any Other American

Trump thinks he’s unusually clever, Is that possible? Not a bit! Never! He’s the target of jeers! He lost more in ten years Than any American endeavor! #BillionDollarLoser https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/trump-taxes-lost-money-832667/

Billion Dollar LOSER!

Trumps taxes are just a big mess. He is buried in losses and stress! His billionaire claim Is now looking quite lame, He’s a billion-buck LOSER, no less! #BillionDollarLoser https://tinyurl.com/y5pfwm2c

Tulsi Gabbard

An anti-war gal, Tulsi Gabbard, Objects to the war talk Trump’s blabbered! Having skewered the brief Of the bully-in-chief, She puts the sword back in its scabbard! #TulsiGabbard @TulsiGabbard

Statement by 500 Former Federal Prosecutors

To fire Robert Mueller, Trump tried, And when questioned about it, he lied! Fed prosecutors cry That from Justice’s eye Trump should not be permitted to hide! https://medium.com/@dojalumni/statement-by-former-federal-prosecutors-8ab7691c2aa1

Beto O’Rourke

This candidate Beto O’Rourke Rejects anti-environment pork! He won’t take a dime From those villainous slime Doing gas and oil lobbyist work! #BetoORourke @BetoORourke

Seth Moulton

Consider this fellow Seth Moulton, On down a rough road he’s been joltin’, Because much of the pack Has done left him in back And way out in the front is now boltin’! #sethmoulton @sethmoulton

Cory Booker

This candidate guy Cory Booker Is used to a hot pressure cooker! It takes more by far Than the crash of a car To bother this player of snooker! #corybooker https://www.miamiherald.com/news/politics-government/article229778754.html

Pete Buttigieg

That very nice fellow, Pete Buttigieg, Split root hedge votes, driving a root hedge wedge! And having done that, To make a big splat, Stopped sledging jute, then took a jute sledge pledge! #PeteButtigieg 

Eric Swalwell

So then we have Rep. Eric Swalwell, Who’s making a sound like a small yell! If he isn’t to rise A lot more in our eyes, Let’s hope that he knows how to fall well! #EricSwalwell