Shutdown Hurts Security

Security Trump wants on track, But the shutdown’s creating a lack! The good TSA Cannot get its pay, And all we can say now is “Aack!” #TrumpWall #ShutDown Please follow and like us:0

Wall or Bust

Trump’s ego makes him think he must Fulfill his Wall promise or bust, It causes us fears That in just two more years The U.S. could be crumbled to dust! #TrumpWall  Please follow and like us:0

A Miserable Gift

Trump’s father was terribly tough, He never gave Trump quite enough, From a miserable gift Of sixty million, through thrift, Trump pulled himself up from the rough! (The picture actually shows one million dollars.) Source: Please follow and like us:0

Tammany Hall

In long-ago Tammany Hall,  Boss Tweed was the worst of them all.  Corruption and greed, And graft, without heed, But Boss Tweet screws us worse with his Wall! #TrumpWall #ShutDown Please follow and like us:0

All Hat, No Cattle

Trump is decidedly odd, Immature, and his judgment is flawed,  Is he more a spoiled brat, Or a cattleless hat, Or a mammothrept angering God? #allhatnocattle Please follow and like us:0

Wall Assumptions

Trump, your Wall has assumptions, say we, They are wrong, which you don’t seem to see, You’re the dolt in the room, Making, when you assume, An ass out of u and of me! #TrumpWall #ShutDown Please follow and like us:0

Obsessed by the Wall

Trump’s oh so obsessed by this wall, When nobody wants it at all, His mind is a stew, His eyes not as blue As the mood he inflicts on us all! #TrumpWall #Shutdown Please follow and like us:0

Tiny fingers

D. Trump’s the supreme politician,  Of primates a new evolution,  Big frame to support  Tiny brain, tiny heart,  Tiny fingers to tweet on a cellphone!  Please follow and like us:0


Is Trump really that big a liar? Well, let’s put it this way, young squire, If he were Pinocchio, His nose would reach Tokyo, And his pants are forever on fire! (This one is an old favorite.) Please follow and like us:0

Pork Barrel

There was an old Prez from New York, Who just loved him a barrel of pork. I don’t mean at night, When a burger he’d bite, But in daytime, as part of his work!  Please follow and like us:0