A Fright

Of this we have examples, That the President gives a speech, To a frightened crowd that is crying loud, To calm, and peace to teach. But the thing we are seeing for the first time, And that is so far from right, Is a Prez that’s loud to a peaceful crowd, To throw them into…

Drinking Game Warning

Doctors warn, if for every bold lie In Trump’s speech, you drink one shot of rye, It’s a terrible game,  That deserves a bad name,  There’s a very strong risk that you’ll die!  https://www.burrardstreetjournal.com/doctors-warn-drinking-a-shot-every-time-trump-lies-tonight-will-result-in-death/ Please follow and like us:0


With DACA undone, and with ICE,  The president just isn’t nice,  The immigrant labor’s in everyone’s favor,  So why cannot tolerance suffice?  Please follow and like us:0

New York’s Finest

Manhattan has its police forces, With some of them riding on horses. While they’re New York’s Finest, His Highness of Slyness Is far and away New York’s Coarsest! #Trump  Please follow and like us:0


A boor with a poor appendectomy Also had quite a bad tonsillectomy, Both ruined his brain, But what drove him insane Was his horribly botched up scalpectomy!  Please follow and like us:0


A gluttonous Prez from New York Was as fat as a big side of pork. No limits he drew, No dish he’d eschew, If hot, he would give it a fork!   Please follow and like us:0

Lift a Toe

Old Trump thought, “These fools will protect me, They won’t lift a toe to deflect me!” It’s not true that he said, But it was in his head, “These Repubs are so dumb they’d elect me!” Please follow and like us:0

From Manhattan

A President hailed from Manhattan, His business and politics rotten, Whatever affair He didn’t much care, He screwed up whatever he got in! Please follow and like us:0


That bozo who owns Mar-A-Lago, Who’s as two-faced as “Honest” Iago, Has mush for a brain. Says the doc, “He’s insane! It’s as though his dumb brain has lumbago!” Please follow and like us:0

He Thought He Was General Patton

There was an old fool from Manhattan Who thought he was General Patton, But angry young donkeys And lots of non-honkys Devoured the chair that he sat in!   Please follow and like us:0