National Emergency Vacation

Does Trump spend time helping the nation? “Executive Time?” No relation! But his national crisis At the border suffices As a good time to take a vacation! #NationalEmergencyVacation

No Billionaires!

While the hyper-rich lurk in their lairs, The poor homeless think nobody cares. It’s time that we stop Keeping wealth at the top. Just a thought: How ‘bout No Billionaires! #NoBillionaires

Jade Egg

After possible sips from some kegs,   Gwyneth knocked a man down off his legs. Well, it kinda was fate, ‘Cause it’s hard to ski straight When you’re kegeling several jade eggs! #GwynethPaltrow

Virginia’s Governor Northam

There is nothing new under the sun. Ralph Northam won’t leave now he’s won. ‘Cause despite his smart wife, He’d be “Racist For Life,” (The least popular charity run)!

More to be Valued are They Than Gold

Well, the White House is chock full of fools, And now Junior is picking on schools! Those who teach for low pay We should thank every day, Unlike him, they are valuable jewels!

A Basket of Rocks

It seems Junior said something that shocks. Namely, “Teachers are losers,” he mocks. I cannot relate To his ignorant hate, He’s as dumb as a basket of rocks!

Perfect Case

Trump said Mrs. Clinton was crooked, He lied: He’s the one that is wicked! He’s a bumbling snob Who cannot do his job, Perfect case of an Emperor naked! #TrumpLies


Virginia is not so terrific. Its leaders are minstrel-prolific! When we said, “We need more Black faces at the fore,”  We sure should have been more specific! 

Look, Mom, I Wrote My Name!

As measured by Flesch and Kincaid,  Trump’s writing’s in need of some aid, They checked the vocab Of his speeches, for blab, And he writes at the level: fourth grade! #TrumpOut  (This is actually true: Trump speaks at fourth-grade level, lowest of last 15 U.S. Presidents, an analysis finds:

You Can’t Have It Both Ways

Our economy’s doing quite well? It’s hurt bad by the immigrant Hell? You can’t have it both ways, With your yeas and your nays, Your claims are a very tough sell! #TrumpOut