Tarnished Trump

It’s pretty demanding to burnish A man who’s so covered with tarnish! There’s only one way That his spots go away: You need to be huffing the varnish! #TrumpOut Please follow and like us:0

Could we not have picked someone much finer? Trump’s a wormy old steak from a diner! This sad little boy Only wants to destroy. He’s a bull in a shop full of china! #TrumpOut  Please follow and like us:0

State of the Union

Well, the State of the Union weren’t great. Trump’s lies, and the fear, and the hate, Did not overwhelm. With him at the helm, We’re over the falls in a crate! #stateoftheunion Please follow and like us:0

Tennis Ass

Now even without his bad past, This blithering fool would not last. His bullying ways Fail completely to faze, And he thinks with his butt, thus: Half-assed! Please follow and like us:0

Deep Freeze

The country is in a deep freeze That is bringing us all to our knees. I don’t mean the cold, Which does have us on hold, But the Dems and Republicans, Jeez! Please follow and like us:0

Trump’s Time Won’t Be Long

Pelosi’s tremendously strong, And Trump’s time at his post won’t be long. A woman of great strength, A man of short length! The dude is as dumb as a dong! #TrumpOut Please follow and like us:0

Barack and the Warriors

Invited to dine by an ass, The Warriors decided to pass. It wasn’t the diet That caused them disquiet, They wanted a host with more class! #Warriors #Barack https://tomslakey.com/, https://twitter.com/TomSlakey, https://www.facebook.com/tslakey, https://tinyurl.com/y8d7d3z3. Please follow and like us:0

Not the Diet of Champions

A Prez who was deaf to all cries Fed athletes on burgers and fries. The victors from Clemson Were tempted to mention, “You usually feed us all lies!” Please follow and like us:0