True Peace of Mind

I’m searching for true peace of mind, But President Trump makes me blind, In each moment of quiet He just starts a riot And anger is all I can find! #TrumpOut

A Large Fries

“Clear Kushner!”, old Trump loudly cries, Thus cutting his peeps down to size. This side of the border, It’s rare: A Trump order That didn’t include a large fries! #FireKushner 

Like Frogs in a Pot

The water is gradually boiling, We don’t even notice it’s roiling. Like frogs in a pot, Trump’s cooking us hot, Unable his crimes to be foiling! #TrumpOut

Donald Trumpkin

Hillary was somewhat rejected, (Though at least she was human-complected!), But every damn day That this pumpkin holds sway Makes us wish she had gotten elected! #TrumpOut

Clearances for Jared and Ivanka?

A clearance for Jared, you say? And Ivanka? John Kelly said, “Nay!” But Donald insisted, So though John resisted, The Kushners and Trump got their way! #securityclearance

Who Forged the Nobel Nomination

About the Nobel nomination, Who forged that absurd combination? Just look for the guy Who’ll most loudly deny: He’s the one who should face termination! #PathologicalLiar

A Pulse

A comedian who failed to convulse, While in France, doing a dance called a “valse,” Could beat Trump! He’s so bad, And we feel so had, That right now all it takes is a pulse! #TrumpOut

Don Threatens School

In the awesome march of history, We’ve seen it many times, That a Mafia Don threatens a pawn Not to give away his crimes, But the world is changing, so now we see, If we doff our rose-colored shades, A Don who’s a fool threatening a school Not to give away his grades! #TrumpOut

Crimes per second

Insurance, tax, charity fraud, Are some things that we surely can’t laud, But Trump’s crimes could be reckoned At one bit per each second, The exact definition of baud! #TrumpOut

Socialist Scandinavia

Now Communism we must fight. Theory good, but in practice, not right. But Finland, and Sweden, And Denmark, that Eden, Make Socialism look pretty tight!