I Will Rip Off My Head!

The hats of the Donald are red. He’s a child who will not go to bed! If we overcome fears Of another four years, I will simply rip off my own head! #TrumpOut

Gun Control

Through tears, Aussies learned to say, “No.” Now Kiwis say guns have to go. But what’s wrong with us, That we won’t board the bus, To stop misery guns tend to sow?! #GunControl

McCain Versus Trump

McCain was a hero to all, But there’s one child who still wants to brawl! Trump just can’t accept He’s completely inept, But the child is really quite small! (Image by Michael De Adder.)

John McCain

Trump continues to diss John McCain, You would think that good man was Trump’s bane! Trump can’t bear that there be A man better than he. From the grave, John’s affecting Trump’s brain! #johnmccain

Pig in a Trough

Now although I was asked to lay off, If a Brit, I’d say “Don’t make me loff!” So until this bad actor Is no more a factor, I will say things like“pig in a trough!” #TrumpOut (With apologies to pigs.)

Bribes: How Trump is Like Jared

It’s still the same old story, Where the decadent golf set cheat, And make large bids to get moron kids Into colleges for elite, But the golf set dude who treated his brood To clearances they didn’t merit, Is another dumb fool whose folks bribed a school, So Trump is a lot like Jared!

Kellyanne Conway’s Big Trap

With your Bowling Green massacre flap, And “alternative facts” load of crap, Here’s a quick rule of thumb: Before calling folks dumb With your mouth, how ‘bout “minding the gap”?

R. Kelly

Take serial molester R. Kelly, Who rants, raves, and cries on the telly, He merits a curse! We can’t tell who’s worse: Him, or pharma fraud crook Martin Shkreli!


I used to be such a nice fellow, But this Trump rotter makes me less mellow, His horrid invective Is far from reflective, He makes me break out in a bellow! #TrumpOut

Bad Whale

See, my new resolution this year, Is A Limerick A Day, so that’s clear! Thus until this bad whale Is run out on a rail, I’ll be cranking them out, never fear! #TrumpOut