Pale Blond Norwegians

What Trump wants to know is just why For asylum the shithole folk try? It will be for him grand If to get in our land Only pale blond Norwegians apply!

Exciting News!

In the newspapers, some things can’t lose. What things pop? Dog Bites Man? We all snooze. Man Bites Dog? That’s the stuff! Readers can’t get enough! Trump Tells Truth! Well now THAT would be NEWS! #TrumpLies

A Human Ostrich

Trumps crimes to this moment, though grand, Are as nothing to what he has planned. If you like what he’ll do, Then an ostrich are you, With your head buried deep in the sand! #TrumpOut

Roger is Stone Bad

Of Barb Bush and Trump, Roger Stone Wrote, “She’s dead and he’s Prez, so who won?” In respect for the dead, Stone and Trump, head to head, Are competing for who’s the worse one! #RogerStone

What Are You, Eight?

Well, we know Trump is chock full of hate, And his childishness will not abate! “I’ve not read the report, But I could!”, his retort, Makes him sound even younger than eight! #TrumpIsAChild cartoon is by Bruce MacKinnon.)

Trump’s a Tool

In any room, Trump’s not the smartest, And surely did not work the hardest. Out of and in school, He’s clearly a tool, And so very far from the sharpest! #TrumpIsAnIdiot

Trump is an Ass

Trump lies all the time, it is true, Which is what pathologicals do, And sociopaths. And just like an ass, His mouth is a fountain of poo! #TrumpLies

Trump Says Windmills Cause Cancer

When it comes to truth, Trump doesn’t care. We get cancer from wind-powered air? With no interest in fact, And no class, and no tact, His leadership hasn’t a prayer! #WindmillsCauseCancer

Lies Per Day

Guess what bad boy Trump used to do: He used to tell six lies, it’s true, On the average, per day! That was nothing, we say, ‘Cause the number is now 22! #TrumpLies

White House Down

There was an incredible jerk, Who had many a horrible quirk! He tried for the White House, and got it, all right, Too bad that his brain didn’t work! #TrumpOut