GOP Congressman Justin Amash

This congressman Justin Amash Has ideas that aren’t just bosh! He’s, of Reps, first to preach That we ought to impeach— That’s a notion I don’t care to quash! #justinamash Justin Amash @justinamash

Dreyfus and Clouseau

Commissioner Dreyfus would titter When Clouseau’s mad acts made him bitter! We’ll be driven to the same By Trump’s oh-so-lame brain And his horrible nonsense on Twitter! #Resist

Jump Off a Cliff

Trump’s calling the White House a dump, Thinks he thought up the phrase “prime the pump,” He’s not priming the pump, He’s not draining the swamp, We wish off a cliff he would jump! #Resist

I Have A Beef

There’s a reason that I have a beef: Don Trump is the grabber, the thief, The cheater, the liar, The racist, the cryer, The bully, the moron-in-chief! #Resist

The Cray Supercomputer

The Cray is a supercomputer. Than Trump, it is so much astuter! What with firing his peeps Like he fires off tweets, He’s cray-Z, quite unlike the computer! #Resist


Nostradamus, of prophecy worth, Foretold the undoing of Earth. A most hideous thing Our destruction will bring, Pumpkin-headed, and blond, of wide girth! #nostradamus

Thanks to Mom on Mother’s Day

For treating my tantrums with calm, And for soothing my bruises with balm, And indulging my pranks, Here are undying thanks To the great Marion Slakey, my Mom! #mothers #mothersday #mom

Trump Unselfish

Trump’s kind to a fault, you can see, He doesn’t just think, “Me, me, me!” He changed focus, I think, From bankrupting Trump, Inc., To bankrupting the Land of the Free! #BillionDollarLoser (The idea is from

What defines Trump?

So what then defines Trump’s endeavor, If it’s not that there’s no one less clever? He’s of space the worst waste With the crappiest taste Of anyone, anywhere, ever! #Resist (image is by DonkeyHotey)

Trump Lost More 1985-1994 Than Any Other American

Trump thinks he’s unusually clever, Is that possible? Not a bit! Never! He’s the target of jeers! He lost more in ten years Than any American endeavor! #BillionDollarLoser