Now one Thomas J. Slakey, a liberal guy,  
Mocked that imbecile Trump, made his sycophants cry. 
Donald made us all weep on his journey to Hell,
Whereas Tom was just trying for laughter as well!
Tom was mocking that horrible Trump to the sky,  
And he found that he made some conservatives cry,
Well, but didn’t they part of the way understand
It was laughs above all that our Tommy had planned?
Still the truth must be told: If we forced Tom to choose,  
He’d want Demos to win, and Repubbies to lose,
But the Donald is just so unspeakably vile
That he causes salt tears on both sides of the aisle!
Donald Trump has us every day swallowing crow,  
Whereas Tommy just tries to let every side know
Just that even when things get to looking quite bad,
Yet at least there are still some big laughs to be had!

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